Saturday, August 6, 2011

Young State Park / Stream Walking / Pathotones

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Areas of Natural Disturbance... Forested Wetland. Many years ago, possibly hundreds or thousands, the lake's edge made its way this far inland. Less than one quarter mile from shore, this old lake bottom is now an intermittently wet and dry meadow on the edge of a forested wetland. The soil is tough, gritty, full of lime and littered with countless bones and skeletons of small freshwater creatures in various states of decay. in the open, wild cinquefoil, juniper and little blue stem struggle to maintain roots while the margin is well defined by the shallow-rooted arbor vitae with easy access to nearby groundwater. White pine, paperbark birch, yellow birch along with the White Cedars dominate the canopy.  

Stream walking is a good way to understand a watershed and how it works. One must behave like a deer when walking a stream or the system will be upset too much. One or two at a time and step lightly on solid ground. pay attention. And Don't kill bugs just because they land on you.

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