Saturday, August 6, 2011

Young State Park / Stream Walking / Pathotones

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Areas of Natural Disturbance... Forested Wetland. Many years ago, possibly hundreds or thousands, the lake's edge made its way this far inland. Less than one quarter mile from shore, this old lake bottom is now an intermittently wet and dry meadow on the edge of a forested wetland. The soil is tough, gritty, full of lime and littered with countless bones and skeletons of small freshwater creatures in various states of decay. in the open, wild cinquefoil, juniper and little blue stem struggle to maintain roots while the margin is well defined by the shallow-rooted arbor vitae with easy access to nearby groundwater. White pine, paperbark birch, yellow birch along with the White Cedars dominate the canopy.  

Stream walking is a good way to understand a watershed and how it works. One must behave like a deer when walking a stream or the system will be upset too much. One or two at a time and step lightly on solid ground. pay attention. And Don't kill bugs just because they land on you.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Young State Art (remix)

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A walk along the shoreline of Lake Charlevoix across the eastern boundary into Young State Park will lead you to this. A Neighbor claims her friends started this project earlier this summer. The water is particularly shallow here and the shoreline lake bottom contains a thin strata of white clay. Waterlogged and sunbleached arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis) skeletons litter the beach. Since the initial two or three were inverted and planted in the clay a horde of impromptu artists have contributed to the piece.

the clay pits of glenwood

 standing stumps at the end of a field of sedges and bullrushes, 
beach grasses and tiny flowers
 the clay has been disturbed so many times the water here
is permanently milky... but not rich and creamy, more like skim
 detail of the standing stumps. is that a cross? yes it is
the raw material is continuously washed ashore and the next big storm will no doubt erase this work of art, returning the stumps to the collection on the beach.

next: stream walking to the source

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Curating the Archive / Deep Clean / StudioSuperJason Memorabilia...

...or Cleaning the Garage. While it must be done, it is less a chore and more an opportunity to make links back to the influences that shaped my way of thinking and working. The garage serves as attic and workshop when it is not being used to protect the subaru from winter snowstorms. A trip to garage always includes a cursory inventory of visible contents; a subconscious analysis of materials to be used in the next construction. And then lingering on an item of historical significance creates a conduit to the past. The link is brief, but grounding. In this chaos, there is knowing. 

 Today's Task
 kick ass bike from Thailand c. 1970
rad wooden tennis raquets  
a kool sailboat to ride out the flood 
workbench of the century 
bet you didn't know I had my OWN sled?! 
 hardware store level 3
 hardwares store level 2
 my old ice skates
 we slide down slopes on waxed wooden planks
bitchen sharp cassette tape player 
 Ancient Garden Implements Sporty Storage
ephemeral and seasonal

See the results tomorrow, right here!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


water... clouds... rocks... sun. elemental. photoshopped.

post cards from Nova Scotia

Last September, my family and I took a trip to Nova Scotia. We rented a van, packed our gear and headed out from Halifax toward Cape Breton Island. The 180+ mile Cabot Trail is now a two lane byway hugging many a steep highland hillside. See a map of the trail here. Before we left, a friend of the family gave us a book of postcards from a 1960's vacation to the same region.

This one is of a bay near Presqu'ile along the Cabot Trail. Look for more composite post cards soon and while you're waiting watch some Trailer Park Boys... Set in a mobile home community in the great province of NS.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lauren Semivan!

My new friend Lauren will be lecturing at the Ohio State University this fall in the Photography Department. Check out a recent interview here. These are a couple of her eerily gorjus works of photographic alchemy!

Lauren talks about her work in terms of narrative, process and evolving her work over time. I most identify with what she says about 'the problem'. 

"The investigation itself is the most important part, I think. I would imagine that most artists agree that some of these questions can never really be completely answered anyway, and that this problem itself is beautiful. I am conscious of slowly building or uncovering a very specific psychological place over time within my work. " -LS. 

I am super excited to get to know her better this year while she imparts her wisdom to the next generation of photographers at OSU. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on the road...

here's a travel pick I captured back in Rome a few years ago...

See you soon!

Monday, July 18, 2011

In Summer Wakes the Sleeping Bear

As if from a movie set, masses of people flee evil parking in search for the cooling waters of 
Lake Michigan. The Dune Climb is a programmed incline of pure 3rd coast silicon dioxide moved by wind and water over the last few thousand years.  Most reached the summit to find a slender timber post indicating the additional 2 mile hike over sandy terrain and deemed it unattainable. Lucky for them (and my family) there is a scenic drive that will take you right to Sleeping Bear Point.

infinity edge beach

love love love interpretive signage 

One-of-a-kind and eroding slopes are no match for the stalwart. With an existing grade of 1:1 and a climbing index of 1:1.5,  for every 1 step forward, climbers lost 6 vertical inches making this a very frustrating return. Up the down escalator. 

The Old Sleeping Bear. According to the brochures it is on its way out. A phenomenon known as Blow Out is quickly taking her back out into the bay, one grain of sand at a time.