Sunday, July 31, 2011

Young State Art (remix)

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A walk along the shoreline of Lake Charlevoix across the eastern boundary into Young State Park will lead you to this. A Neighbor claims her friends started this project earlier this summer. The water is particularly shallow here and the shoreline lake bottom contains a thin strata of white clay. Waterlogged and sunbleached arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis) skeletons litter the beach. Since the initial two or three were inverted and planted in the clay a horde of impromptu artists have contributed to the piece.

the clay pits of glenwood

 standing stumps at the end of a field of sedges and bullrushes, 
beach grasses and tiny flowers
 the clay has been disturbed so many times the water here
is permanently milky... but not rich and creamy, more like skim
 detail of the standing stumps. is that a cross? yes it is
the raw material is continuously washed ashore and the next big storm will no doubt erase this work of art, returning the stumps to the collection on the beach.

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