Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Curating the Archive / Deep Clean / StudioSuperJason Memorabilia...

...or Cleaning the Garage. While it must be done, it is less a chore and more an opportunity to make links back to the influences that shaped my way of thinking and working. The garage serves as attic and workshop when it is not being used to protect the subaru from winter snowstorms. A trip to garage always includes a cursory inventory of visible contents; a subconscious analysis of materials to be used in the next construction. And then lingering on an item of historical significance creates a conduit to the past. The link is brief, but grounding. In this chaos, there is knowing. 

 Today's Task
 kick ass bike from Thailand c. 1970
rad wooden tennis raquets  
a kool sailboat to ride out the flood 
workbench of the century 
bet you didn't know I had my OWN sled?! 
 hardware store level 3
 hardwares store level 2
 my old ice skates
 we slide down slopes on waxed wooden planks
bitchen sharp cassette tape player 
 Ancient Garden Implements Sporty Storage
ephemeral and seasonal

See the results tomorrow, right here!!!

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